Ken Law Retires from Pfizer Aviation

Heather Law reports that Ken (34th Co.) has flown his last flight retiring from Pfizer Aviation on February 18, 2021, finishing his 42 year aviation career with 9,750 flight hours and over 15,000 landings! Job well done Ken Law! With Scott Moore who was with him for his first flight. Ken and Heather with Scott […]

He became one of the Navy’s first Black four-star admirals. The military has work to do on diversity, he says. Cecil Haney (29th Co.)

By Dan LamotheFeb. 16, 2021 at 5:29 p.m. CST The young midshipman heard the question but kept walking as he neared a group of White students at the Naval Academy. “You know, the only reason you’re here is the quota system, right?” one of them asked. Cecil Haney, a Black student from a Black neighborhood in […]

Robert Lamont’s new books, the Calder Chronicles, added to Class Authors Page

Two new books by Robert Lamont (3rd Co.) have been added to the Class Authors pages. The books, Calder Chronicles Book I and Book II, were released in late 2020 and early 2021. They are Robert’s 13th and 14th books on the website. The Calder Chronicles are a coming of age story of Delmar Calder […]

Former US STRATCOM, Pacific Fleet commander details challenges of Great Power competition

KEY ENABLERS | 04 FEBRUARY 2021 By: Stephen Kuper US Navy Admiral (Ret’d) Cecil Haney, then commander of the US Pacific Fleet during a port visit March 11, 2013, at Joint Base Pearl Harbour (Source Wikicommons)KEY ENABLERS|04 FEBRUARY 2021By: Stephen Kuper Retired US Navy Admiral Cecil Haney, the former Commander, US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) and former Commander, […]