Class of 78 Scholarship Winners

Trident Scholars

Stephen M. Hopkins (2nd Co.)

Steven W. Petri (10th Co.)

Edward D. Kee (34th Co.)

Dennis M. Pricolo (35th Co.)

Gregory C. Kolodziejcak (28th Co.)

Scott L. Stafford (9th Co.)

Junior Line Officer Advanced Scientific Educational Program

Burke Scholarship

Mark E. Ferguson III (7th Co.)

Barry M. Tilden (29th Co.)

John E. Miesner (25th Co.)

Jonathan E. Will (8th Co.)

James D. Oliver III (32nd Co.)

Burke Equivalent (Marine Corps)

Arthur J. Athens (18th Co.)

Kevin P. O’Keefe (26th Co.)

Gerard S. Cory (18th Co.)

Scott S. Pihlaja (31st Co.)

Mark W. McNair (26th Co.)

George Olmstead Foundation Scholarship

David W. Bruce (13th Co.)

Thomas R. Rentz (5th Co.)

Horace M. Leavitt III (23rd Co.)

Joseph E. Schmitz (27th Co.)

Curtis F. Maszun (14th Co.)

Barry M. Tilden (29th Co.)

Guggenheim Fellowship

Kenneth D. Bowersox (19th Co.)

James W. McClean (1st Co.)

Civilian University Scholarships

University of California – Naval Architecture

James L. Butler (23rd Co.)

Anthony J. Quatroche (31st Co.)

University of Michigan – Naval Architecture

Paul A. Wiedron (27th Co.)

Catholic University – Ocean Acoustics

Steven D. Kinney (3rd Co.)

University of Chicago – Physics

Stephen M. Hopkins (2nd Co.)