Professional Writings

The following articles are the professional writings of our classmates and we are fortunate to also include the writings of Beth Bailey, the daughter of our classmate Glen Wheless. They are organized by classmates alphabetically and chronologically under each classmate. Links to the articles are provided where available.

Art Athens (18th)

The Fulcrum of Leadership – June 27, 2017

Leading Others by Understanding Yourself – 2006

Leading Friends – 2006

Alan Baker (10th)

Military Virtues Chapter 8 Perseverance – 2020

Dave Buss (34th)

Innovation Borne Out of Crisis Through Agility, Resilience and Adaptability – June 2020

Bob Engel (36th Co.)

Bringing Aegis to the Littorals – USNI – January 1998

Jim Fiorelli’s son Matt Fiorelli, Captain, US Army

A Better Way to Fight the Forever War – November 2018

Mark Fox (18th)

How US Marines can protect commercial shipping in the Gulf – September 2023

Air Wing of Destiny – Fall 2004

Stirring up a Hornet’s Nest – Fall 1996

Al Hammond (22nd)

Approach Magazine – April 1982

Approach Magazine – February 1982 (Al is the co-pilot in this story)

John Hemry (3rd Co.)

Most are available in the eBook collections Swords and SaddlesAd Astra, and Borrowed Time.


  • The War of the Worlds, Book One, Chapter 18: The Sergeant Major (Analog Magazine January/February 2013)
  • Fleche (Best Laid Plans anthology) (Dark Quest Books)
  • Hel’s Half-Acre (Armored anthology) (Baen SF)
  • Dawn’s Last Light (By Other Means anthology) (Dark Quest Books)
  • Betty Knox and Dictionary Jones in the Mystery of the Missing Teenage Anachronisms (Analog Magazine, March 2011)
  • The Rift (Analog Magazine, October 2010)
  • Swords and Saddles (Analog Magazine, April 2010)
  • Joan (Analog Magazine, November 2009)
  • Grendel (So It Begins anthology) (Dark Quest Books)
  • Failure to Obey (Analog Magazine, July/August 2009)
  • Rocks (Analog Magazine, January/February 2009)
  • End Game (Breach the Hull anthology, Marietta Publishing, November 2007)
  • The Bookseller of Bastet (Analog Magazine, March 2008)
  • These are the Times (Analog Magazine, November 2007)
  • Do No Harm (Analog Magazine, July/August 2007)
  • As You Know, Bob (Analog Magazine, April 2007)
  • Lady Be Good (Analog Magazine, April 2006) (winner of 2006 Anlab vote for best short story)
  • Working on Borrowed Time (Analog Magazine, June 2005)
  • Standards of Success (Analog Magazine, March 2005)Mightier than the Sword in Turn the Other Chick (Baen Books, November 2004)
  • Small Moment in Time (Analog Magazine, December 2004)
  • Section Seven (Analog Magazine, September 2003)
  • Generation Gap (Analog Magazine, December 2002)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole (Analog Magazine, May 2001)
  • Crow’s Feat (Analog Magazine, November 2000)
  • Where Does a Circle Begin (Amazing Stories, Fall 1999)
  • Odysseus (Analog Magazine, February 1999)
  • Agent Problems (Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Autumn 1997)
  • One Small Spin (Analog Magazine, September 1997)


  • “Liberating The Future: Women In The Early Legion” in Teenagers From The Future – Essays On The Legion Of Superheroes (Sequart Journal #3)
  • “Millions For Special Effects, Not One Cent For Writers” in Star Wars On Trial (Benbella Books)
  • “The Mirror Of Gilgamesh” in The Man From Krypton (Benbella Books)
  • “Three Is A Magic Number” in Totally Charmed (Benbella Books)
  • Project Horizon and Lunex (science fact article) Artemis, Summer 2002)
  • Interstellar Navigation (Analog Magazine, November 2000)

Alex Hnarakis (17th Co.)

The Story Behind “Top Guns,” Ehud Yonay’s Article That Inspired The Hit Movie “Topgun”

The Back Story on How the Navy’s Jolly Rogers Remained an Active Squadron

Top Guns – May 1983

Greeks in Foreign Cockpits

Glen Ives (10th) speech at Ken Waldie bench dedication with intro by Stephen ‘Jocko’ Maloney (16th)

Glen’s speech – 2003

Jon Kutler (17th Co.)

The Deal – Movers & shakers: Defense as a service business – October 2011

NY Times – In New World of Military Spending, Small Is Beautiful – November 2009

Aviation Week & Space Technology – Cost Overruns: New Relevance for an Old Playbook – May 2006

IDD – Old Pro Sees Value in Goodrich Divestiture – April 2006

CNBC Power Lunch Europe with Jon Kutler and anchor Ross Westgate March 2006

Defense News – The Next Industry Cycle? – June 2005

Aviation Week & Space Technology -ViewPoint – July 2004

CBS Market Watch – TV Coverage of Issues relating to Aerospace and Defense Industries -April 2004

Bloomberg TV coverage on issues that pertain to the aerospace and defense industries – December 2003

Transforming the Board Room Along with the Battlefield – May 2003

Business Week – Turning The Arms Industry’s Scraps into Gold – October 2002

Janes Defence Weekly – Expert says Gold Rush Theory is out of Order– September 2002

Faces of the Middle Market – May 2002

REUTERS coverage on issues that pertain to the aerospace and defense industries – April 2002

Defense News – Capitalizing on the Slump – December 2001

CNBC coverage on issues that pertain to the aerospace and defense industries – October 2001

Quarterdeck Founder Sees A Boom In Middle-Market European Aerospace – June 2001

“Ahoy, Mr. Gates. Can Bill save the defense industry?” – February 2000

Plotting His Own Course – Jon Kutler Started a Career in the Navy but Now Captains an Investment Firm – March 1999

Getting Back to Basics – February 1999

More Bite-Size Deals on Menu, Analysts Say  – July 1998

Deja Vu All Over Again – January 1998

New Industry Trend Looms – Federal Services May Lead Investment Momentum – June 1997

What’s A Dollar Worth? – March 1997

Worthy Behemoth: The Bigger Boeing – December 1996

Profit, Politics To Drive Consolidation of Industry in Europe – August 1996

Unsung Investor Opportunities Arise From Euro-Consolidation – July 1996

Consolidating Going Strong, But Prices May Drop – December 1995

Financial Realities Driving Aerospace Consolidation – May 1995

Defense News – Restructuring Shifts Course – October 1994

Jack McCourt (1st)

We didn’t end the fire – August 2020

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me, an Orion P-3……………………………. – June 2020

A Soldier’s Blues – May 2020

Proud of our First Responders…. – April 2020

Putin’s on the blitz! – April 2020

Quarantinaville – March 2020

When the Quds, qudn’t! (or….The gang that qudn’t shoot straight!) – January 2020

The book we write – November 2019

First Company Prayer – September 2019

If…..then…… is a tribute to Rudyard Kipling’s Poem If – August 2019

Ode to the Sea – July 2019

The Ballad of Mucca McCourt – February – July 2019

Final Flight – August 2018 – Dedicated to John’Breeze’ Martin 23rd Co.

50 ways to drain the deep swamp – July 2018

Get Carter – July 2018

What it is…….. – July 2018

In Search of the Huntley – March 2018

Hunting the Sea Snipe – November 2017

Avast ye mateys, tend to the Grog! – July 2014

Vladimir, Vladimirovich! – April 2014

Dawn Patrol in the Med – March 2014

In Honor of Admiral McKee – January 2014

They Call to Us – 2014

Navy Beats Army 34 – 7! 12 Years in a Row! – December 2013

The Insurgents – May 2013 – Published in Small Wars Journal

My Son, My Son – May 2013 – Written while Jack’s son was serving in Iraq

The Navy Deep Sea Diver – 2013

Mike McCrabb (8th Co.)

Exporting Security: International Engagement, Security Cooperation, and the Changing Face of the US Military – USNI – Autumn 2017

Understanding Security Cooperation – USNI – September 2015

From Presence to Powerhouse – USNI – March 2011

Kevin McGhee (14th Co.)

Nobody left behind – September 2019

Bob McMasters (12th Co.)

Because of copyright rules, we aren’t able to post copies of Bob’s articles although Bob is able to provide them on an individual basis.  If there is an article you’d like to read please contact Bob at

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Herb Nyberg (34th Co.)

Acoustic tracheal rupture provides insights into larval mosquito respiration – 2020

Gerry Roncolato (1st)

We Must Master Our Game – December 2017

Interwar Naval Experimentation Offers Lessons for Today – September 2017

Effective and Affordable Trainers are Possible – September 2017

Fitzgerald Delivers Damage Control Lessons and Questions – August 2017

Deter China: Prepare the U. S. Navy for War – Jul 2017

Fitzgerald Proves Damage Control Is Exhausting – July 2017

Hell From the Heavens: The Epic Story of the USS Laffey and World War II’s Greatest Kamikaze Attack – August 2015

Shifting Targets – October 2012

America Must Be Careful Where it Pivots – May 2012

A View from the Gender Fault Line – March 1998

No Time to Rest – June 1996

Methodical Battle . . . Didn’t work Then . . . Won’t Work Now – February !996

Chance Dominates in War – February 1995

Sam Tangredi (17th)

Replicate Ordnance, Not Cheap DronesMarch 2024

Does the Pentagon Understand What a Navy Is For? – July 2020

How a Stock Bubble Could Unwind America’s National Security – February 2020

Decommission Fleet Forces Command – USNI – December 2019

Antiaccess Warfare as Strategy – Winter 2018

Where Is the Arms Control Community on Russia’s Intermediate-Range Cruise Missile? – October 2018

Talk About Extremists, But Don’t Politicize the Debate – March 2018

A Preliminary Examination of the Proposal to Add Sea-Based Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles (IRBMs) to the U.S. Navy Future Fleet – August 2017

Why Are Our Ships Crashing? Competence, Overload, and Cyber Considerations – August 2017

Rebalancing the Fleet Round 2 – USNI – May 2003

Beyond the Sea and Jointness – USNI – September 2001

Regaining the Trust – USNI – May 2001

The Fall and Rise of Naval Forward Presence – USNI – May 2000

A Ship for All Reason – USNI – September 1999

Are We Firing Tomahawks Too Easily? – USNI – December 1996

Special: JCS Reorganization – Part II – USNI – September 1985

Glen Wheless’ daughter Beth Bailey (24th)

Never forget that Sept. 11 bred a generation of heroes – September 11, 2019

Remember the F-14 Tomcat – February 14, 2019

A Tribute to the Military Spouses – August 16, 2018

The Fighter Pilots’ Guide to Living – October 26, 2016

Beth’s website