Our Legacy

The breakdown of the 99 offspring who have attended the Academy:

  • Our class had 68 legacies (sons of grads) and produced 99 offspring to attend the Academy.  12 are the sons and daughter of legacies resulting in seven who are the third generation to attend the Academy and one who is the fourth generation to attend. 
  • The class has offspring in every class from 2001 to 2022 except 2017 and 2020. 
  • The Class of 2010 has the largest number with 11 followed by the Class of 2004 with nine and the Classes of 2008 and 2009 with eight. 
  • There are offspring from 31 different companies with 2nd, 10th and 13th leading the way with seven each.
  • Among the 99 offspring there are 14 daughters and 15 sets of sibling

Class of 2022 – 1

David W. ChristieDaniel W. Christie2nd

Class of 2021 – 2

Frederick T. BrinkMatthew C. Brink13th
Colby B. SmithCrawford M. Smith29th

Class of 2019 – 5

Peter S. Craig Thomas S. Craig35th
James A. FiorelliJohn A. Fiorelli2nd
Robert B. GulleyStephen E. Gulley25th
Michael E. SearsMatthew C. Sears36th
Kenneth M. WallaceBryan M. Wallace10th

Class of 2018 – 2

David W. ChristieDavid W. Christie2nd
Stephen E. HincksStephen E. Hincks6th

Class of 2016 – 2

Robert U. TuohyRylan Tuohy3rd
Stephen JonesJeremy N. Jones27th

Class of 2015 – 6

Mark MillerJulie M. Miller2nd
Timothy McGeeRyan Patrick McGee15th
Frank BehmSarah Ann Behm16th
Stephen JonesAndrew Joaquim Jones27th
James CranfordThomas Wilson Cranford31st
Martin ValensteinGrant Richard Valenstein31st

Class of 2014 – 4

Thomas R. RentzConor R. Rentz5th
Raymond P. KempistyMitchell A. Kempisty13th
Thomas F. McElweeThomas F. McElwee, Jr.24th
John D. RudzisBritta S. Vivaldi25th

Class of 2013 – 4

Timothy McGeeMiles E. McGee15th
David PriceAndrew W. Price23rd
John BowlingJohn H. Bowling, IV24th
James FiorelliMichael J. Fiorelli2nd

Class of 2012 – 7

Daniel SerfassAmanda R. Serfass6th
Michael LearyDaniel B. Leary13th
George TyreeTimothy D. Tyree13th
David GuzaMatthew D. Guza19th
William SoerTaylor Andrew Soer32nd
David BussMatthew D. Buss34th
David WilsonAndrew B. Wilson34th

Class of 2011 – 7

Will KramerAndy Kramer2nd
Dave PriceDavid Price2nd
Mark MunsonMark Munson, Jr.5th
Tom RentzKate Rentz5th
Jonathan WillGraham Will8th
Bob SchmermundRitchie Schmermund15th
Paul WiedornPatrick Wiedorn27th

Class of 2010 – 11

Michael ShawMatthew Shaw
Tom MillerAndrew Miller3rd
John NewcombCharles Newcomb4th
Curt PerryCraig Perry4th
Rich CellonKelsey Cellon6th
Harry Mac WoodsGlen S. Woods9th
Mark LindstromPeter Lindstrom12th
Tim BensonKyle Benson13th
Bob GuyTony Guy14th
Tom AbernethyAlana Abernethy19th
Charlie NickellChad Nickell21st

Class of 2009 – 8

Jonathan WillJonathan Will8th
Donald BolandBrian Boland8th
Glen IvesMatthew Ives10th
Ron UglowRonald Uglow10th
Larry GalvinAndrew Galvin15th
Bob SchmermundRobert Schmermund15th
John CookePatricia Cooke20th
Bruce LattaJamie Latta25th

Class of 2008 – 8

Bob TuohyRobert Tuohy3rd
John NewcombThomas Newcomb4th
Chris CobbSeamus Cobb6th
Glen IvesGlen Ives10th
Robert GulleyStacy Gulley10th
Herman ReddickHunter Reddick13th
Bill BurkeWilliam Burke31st
Dave EylerMichael Eyler31st

Class of 2007 – 6

Curt PerryChristopher Perry4th
John KovalcikDaniel Kovalcik16th
Mark FoxMason Fox18th
Charles DickinsonBrad Dickinson20th
Charlie NickellRyan Nickell21st
David HampshireKenneth Hampshire28th

Class of 2006 – 7

Phil GreeneMegan Greene
Dan CookDaniel Cook10th
John CurtisNathan Curtis10th
Matt LeavittJoseph Leavitt23rd
Donald BradySean Brady25th
Joe SchmitzNicholas Schmitz27th
Gary EisenmannKarl Eisenmann31st

Class of 2005 – 5

Jack FernandezJack J. Fernandez9th
Tom HolmesDevon Holmes11th
Guido ManzoMelanie Manzo15th
Jim DeGreeMatthew DeGree33rd
Mike ConklinKami Conklin33rd

Class of 2004 – 9

Sale LillySale Lilly IV6th
George TyreeMichael Tyree13th
Steve MaloneyChristopher Maloney16th
Kevin WhiteKevin White18th
Mark FoxMark Fox18th
Archie GriffinJeffrey Griffin22nd
Matt LeavittHorace M. Leavitt IV23rd
Mike KalnoskeJustin Kalnoske32nd
Bob NovakPatrick Novak34th

Class of 2003 – 3

Jack FernandezMarina Fernandez9th
Richard BochDaniel Boch27th
Mike ConklinShanna Conklin33rd

Class of 2002 – 1

Stephen HolmanSean Holman8th

Class of 2001 – 1

Charles HartfelderJustin Hartfelder25th