Glen Woods – President

First, thank you for the support you have given to me and our Board as we have navigated together our Class affairs. One of the many tasks that comes while serving as Class President that you have supported, is the task of raising funds to advance projects that the Class has identified as priorities. Our approach has always been to find projects that not only support every Midshipman, but projects that also have directly supported our classmates serving in the Yard. We have supported STEM and admissions projects for Dean Bruce Latta; provided support for leadership and ethics scholarship for our Classmate Art Athens and the many other classmates who have taught at the Stockdale Center; and, we have supported our Supe’s and Commandant’s priorities for classmates Jeff Fowler and Joe Leidig. When considering who can best carry the banner for the Class of ‘78 giving legacy going forward, I submit that my personal track record of consistent and substantial donations, as well as my leadership in fundraising for our Class Gifts to the Academy, should give you confidence that our future will be as outstanding as our record to date.

Indeed, even though we are five years out from our 50th reunion (and final) Class Gift, I am exceptionally proud that the Class has, by stepping up with broad support for the new Alumni Center, already donated almost two million dollars toward that gift.  Only twelve other classes have raised more than ‘78 in life-time giving – and we aren’t done yet.  We have established a terrific legacy, one that I hope we can further burnish in the coming five years. 

In short, I believe the course and speed of ‘78 remains steady, committed, and true.  As we steam toward our 50th Reunion, Another Link in the Chain, advocating for Classmate nominees for Distinguished Graduate Awards, and all other things “’78”, I humbly ask for your support so that I may continue my watch at the helm.

Thank you. Glen