Randle “Lee” Yarberrry – Trustee-at-Large

This is Lee Yarberry.  Randle Yarberry is “officially” running for Trustee as my alter ego. Just thought I would start with that for those who never met Randle!

I very much appreciate this opportunity to reach out to each of you. I am asking your support to allow me to begin to serve and give back to our Class in a new and direct way. I can’t claim great accomplishments as those who served on the Board for many years. This is a new endeavor and new challenge for me. But a challenge I am exceptionally excited about and qualified to take on.

A common message from all candidates centers around communications, social media (Facebook, website, LinkedIn), fund-raising and the upcoming 50th reunion / Another Link in the Chain. The foundation built by our Class leaders to date is rock solid. Life transitions, however, – retirements and grandchildren primarily – are providing greater free time and more time on the road or in the air. Hence some opportunities.

One of a few key ideas I’d like to bring with me as Trustee is directly tied to “when two or more are gathered.”  We capitalize on the fantastic communications tools Rusty and others have put in place. I’d like to work with the team to develop proactive communication tools to add to the current, while underway, or after-action reporting.  Example: “I am traveling to (fill in the blank) on these dates. Who can we meet along the way for dinner/drinks/dessert?” We then can build touchpoints into our travels. I very much hope we all continue to post our travels, food and family. But I think we can add to both our travels and our history with “look who I saw along the way.” Bringing the ’78 family closer together.

I am also a great fan of Another Link in the Chain. Whether elected or not, I want to be part of that effort. I’ve mentored via Scouting, church, teaching leadership to young engineers and have over 20 years as a Blue and Gold officer. The opportunity to connect the 50 year gap is a service exceptionally exciting to me.

I have significant successes and experience in business and service organizations I can offer and apply as Trustee. I desire to give back to the Class in a way I’ve been unable to do before. Your vote and support is appreciated in advance.

Semper Fi and Go Navy!