Rusty Cone – Trustee-at-Large


I wanted to reinforce why I am looking to continue as a Trustee for our class. I am looking to continue to serve to focus on the communications supporting class endeavors. I am committed to ensuring we keep those sites(Facebook/LinkedIn) up and current, as well continue to reach out to get more of our classmates involved. Ultimately, would like to see every one of our Class on the Facebook site to share memories and record “whenever two or three shall meet……” experience.  In my tenure I established both these sites and have managed them as both the administrator as well contributor to align all formal Class communications there. This adds another layer of communications, to get the gouge out. I also volunteered to drive the Class Sports Legends program resulting in 12 of our classmates being recognized in the Terwilliger Center for Student Athletes. It was a great project to pull together, and importantly many of the Sports Legends I did not know, nor know their stories so it was great to learn their unique stories and get their stories into the Center. Next 5 Years? Supporting the Class with communications for our 50th Reunion, Another Link in the Chain and Class Gift! Ensure that we add as many classmates as possible to the Facebook site (LinkedIn is winding down as we all retire) and share the Class news across our various media channels.

Thanks in advance for your vote.

Rusty Cone