Update on Dennis Otoshi (33rd Co.) from Greg Baur (33rd Co.)


Below is a blended message from two emails that Dennis Otoshi sent me:

“Hi Greg, I just returned to San Francisco since I was called in for jury duty. I was dismissed…now, I am headed to Hawaii on Sunday to help in Maui… I will be in Maui for a while, then plan to return to Ukraine in the winter.”

Our almost 67 year old brother Dennis, served in a combat zone for over a year. Dennis is living his life in the arena, as we have all aspired to do.

We have given $20,000 in donations now to Nova Ukraine. The narrative of our GoFundMe site, is about honoring Dennis, while also supporting his recommended, U.S. based, Ukraine humanitarian support charity. In order to be true to the donors, I am going to close the GoFundMe site in about 10 days, and will consider opening it up when Dennis returns to the combat zone.

There have been ONLY 94 DONORS and that includes civilians. We GRADUATED 986 of us in 1978! So this week, I’m asking you to reach out to your company-mates and encourage them to take this last chance to give
before I close the account.

Let’s honor our brother and support the innocents in this awful war. Follow this link:

Very Respectfully,
Greg Baur-33rd
Of the Marine