Voting Is Open & Updated Gouge

Classmates –

Voting for Class Officers will open at 7am EDT on 21 September!  You can cast your votes at:

Voting will close on 5 October, so vote early.

You will need an account on the SignupNow site.  If you have not yet registered for the 45th Reunion or will not be attending the Reunion, you will need to set up a login account with SignupNow.  It’s a very simple process:

  1. Go to   Scroll down to our Class site.
  2. First, set up your registration account by clicking on the green tab “Classmates Register Now”. Once done. Log In.
  3. Login using the e-mail you put in your registration account and your password. 

There will be a link on the registration page that will take you to the voting site.

The ballot is arranged alphabetically by position.  The Candidate Statements for each position are provided, followed by a place for you to vote for your choice by clicking next to the individual’s name.  You can vote for one individual in each category, except for the Trustee-at-Large where you may select up to five (5) individuals.

NEW GOUGE:  In addition to the official candidates, you also have the option to write-in the name of a Classmate you wish to vote for. This option is available for each open position.

UPDATED GOUGE:  Results of the election will be announced at the Class Meeting in Mahan Hall on Friday, 20 October, after the Memorial Service.  We hope you will take the time to vote and have a say in how our Class will operate over the next five years.

Don’t forget:   Our 45th Reunion will be held in Annapolis on 19-22 October 2023. There are 27 days left to register and prices go up in early October.  There will be a number of events and opportunities for everyone to catch up/reconnect with Classmates and Company mates.  The 45th Reunion committee, led by John Cooke, has spent a lot time making sure that the weekend will be memorable.  Don’t miss out on the fun – register today.  Any questions about the Reunion can be addressed to Reunion Committee Chair, John Cooke or 410-570-6366 or his wingman, your class scribe, Vince Balderrama  or  or cell- 315-708-9214.

If you have any questions or concerns about the election, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Your vote counts!

All the best,

Brett Ayotte, Chairman, 2023 Election Committee