Books by Jordan Vause (3rd Co.) added to the website

Two new books by Jordan Vause (3rd Co.)have been added to the Class Authors pages. The books, Wolf: U-Boat Commanders in World War II (1997) and U-Boat Ace: The Story of Wolfgang Luth (2104) are available on Amazon.

In addition to these books Jordan authored, he also contributed to two other books containing collections of essays on U-boat warfare with multiple authors. He contributed the essay “Victor Oehrn: A Man with No Name,” to Silent Hunters: German U-Boat Commanders in World War II, published in 1997 and “Desperate Decisions: The German Loss of U-505” to Hunt and Kill: U-505 and the U-Boat War in the Atlantic published in 2004.

Jordan is the 17th published author in the class that we are aware of and the fourth member of 3rd Company who has had at least one book published. Jordan joins John Hemry, Robert Lamont and Scott Mobley from 3rd company to make up almost 25% of the authors on our list!