Found Classmate – Armand Colson, 29th Co.

A couple of weeks ago Facebook recommended Victor Colson as a friend based on his friendship with Michael Dinn (33rd Co.). Seeing Armand wearing a Navy hat, I checked our data base and we had a classmate Victor A. Colson so I reached out to Armand. Armand confirmed he was our classmate, Victor Armand Colson. He said that back then every document requiring a name was first, middle initial, and last name but he had always used and preferred his middle name. Armand was in 29th company and was a sprinter on the track team and led off the 4 X 100 relay that set the Academy record that lasted for almost 35 years. Mike Dinn was the second, Eli Turner ’77 was the third leg and Ike Owens ’76 was the anchor.