Stockdale Center “Do-Over” Podcast

I’ve been at the Stockdale Center on the Yard for the last two years. My focus has been leadership, ethics and character, especially at the intersection of technology, and how we teach those critical elements to Midshipmen.

The Stockdale Center is setting up a new podcast show and I need your help. It’s called the “Do-Over”.

It’s important that Midshipmen understand that all of us continue to learn. We want to hear your stories of times when you could have, or should have taken action, and you wish you had a ‘do-over” of that situation. Not just limited to the deck plate or the field of battle, but includes leadership in the workplace or the family situation. Can you think of a time when you could have shown more action oriented leadership that you would like to “do-over” if you had the chance?

These kinds of stories are instructive, illustrative, and include a component of reflection. We’re all striving to be better, and sometimes learning from someone else’s mistakes are most informative.

Join me on a brief podcast – the “Do-over”.

Get in touch with me – and we’ll discuss how your story can help others do better.

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