Tom Rentz (5th Co.) – Mike and Barb Crum Memorial Service

Mike and Barb Crum Memorial Service
• The memorial Service was held at Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego, CA on March 25, 2024
• Mike Crum passed away in March 2024 after losing his wife Barb in January 2024, two months earlier. Both succumbed to cancer.
• It was a large turnout for the Memorial Service, approximately 150 friends, family, community, and Naval personnel attended (Mike was still working at TACTRAGRUPAC).
• I represented Mike’s USNA 78, 5th Company classmates and was able to speak with the family before the ceremony. Two of the three sons attended, Michael (the oldest) and Matthew (youngest). Nick was unable to attend. I provided each of the sons the 5th company condolences, printouts of our memories of “Oak” and the Plebe year story from Danny “Tex” Keulen. Matthew was particularly appreciative to read these.
• The Memorial Service was led by Father Dan Holgreth, a family friend. Many in attendance were in tears. Barb had been cremated and was placed in the same coffin as Mike so they are now buried together.
• A close friend, Shelly Valentine (pictured with me at the service), has set up a Go Fund Me site to assist the sons with financial issues. Shelly let me know that because Oak gave himself totally to taking care of Barb during her illness while he was suffering from cancer himself, he was unable to attend to paying bills. His life insurance and house mortgage went unpaid for months and may not be resources for the sons to offset costs of their parents’ illnesses and burial.
• The Go Fund Me site is: Fundraiser for Michael Crum by Michelle Valentine : Mike and Barb Crum (

Oak – Rest in Peace, from your 5th Company classmates
Tom Rentz