Update from Dennis Otoshi (33rd Co.) and Go Fund Me link

Update from Dennis Otoshi (33rd Co.) sent to his company mate Greg Baur:

Hi Greg, here are some thoughts for today:

“Today, February 24, 2024 is the two year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While experts predicted that Kyiv would be captured in less than a week, she is still standing. Back then, the American embassy fled the country while I hitched a ride into Ukraine. At that time, I remember President Zelensky’s response to the American government, “I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition”. I ask Congress now if they have abandoned these brave people. 

Greg Baur would always remind me of how the U.S. Navy abandoned the Marines on Guadalcanal during WW II. Now I better understand that feeling and remember that keeping the Solomon Islands was one of the first steps to eventual victory.

Time to go; I am on duty right now, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.

Your Classmate Dennis”

Now that Dennis is back in Ukraine, I’m re-sending the GoFundMe giving link, directly below.   We have $21,730 raised of our $35,000 goal, with just 102 donors.  I ask for your help to raise that donor level with our 1978 brothers.  One of our biggest donors now is a friend and Mentor, (but he is also an AIR FORCE ACADEMY graduate)!!!   He’ll know I am kidding here, but I would rather say it was one of our manly, hairy chested 1978 men.

Humanitarian Support Ukraine & honoring our hero, organized by Gregory Baur

Go forth and do great things,

Greg Baur

Of the Marines