Throw Back Thursday – First Class Cruise, USS Inchon (LPH-12)

Kneeling – Andy Cuca (17th Co.), Rusty Cone (11th Co.), Mike Mullikin, ’80

Standing – Rodger Welch (11th Co.), Prentiss Hall (11th Co.), Mark Poston (1st Co.), Lew Wolfrum (30th Co.), unknown

THROW BACK THURSDAY – First Class Cruise, USS Inchon (LPH-12), the Navy Mids team rolled through the Navy bracket and advanced to the finals against a Marine team from the MAU that was onboard. The Navy Mids Team consisted of Rusty Cone (11th Co.), Andy Cuca (17th Co.), Prentiss Hall (11th Co.), Mike Mullikin, ’80, Mark Poston (1st Co.), Rodger Welch (11th Co.), Mark Poston (1st Co.), and Lew Wolfrum (30th Co.). Interestingly there was a Marine with the last name Leftwich, which was a family from Burlington City, next door to Willingboro where Rusty Cone is from!  The Navy team came up just short and as Rusty recalls would have won but time expired!  He also recalled that there was some serious money being bet between the Navy and Marine Corps personnel on the ship.  It was as a great cruise!  Rusty said they mostly played ball, sunbathed, ate, and slept!