USNA Class of 1978 45th Reunion Update


One week from today, June 19, our 45th Reunion Registration Website goes live. Attached is an update on event planning items and a revised Schedule of Events. Key updates are in RED, and the most important to note are:

  • Saturday’s football game is now scheduled to start at noon.  We are moving the Class Meeting to either late morning or early afternoon on Friday (after our Memorial Service and before the Supe’s Call).
  • Payable event prices will increase by 20% after October 10 (the week before the reunion and up to the tailgate). These price increases offset the penalties we will incur beyond October 10 which is beyond our “firm” commitment” date for vendor numbers.
  • Participating in all payable events (denoted with a “$” in the SOE) will cost a class member in the mid-$500’s range and in the low $400’s for an adult guest.
  • Tailgate guests ages 12-20 will be half-price and those under 12 years of age are free. 
  • There will be a Prize for the Company with Highest Registration Percentage! The Company with the highest percentage of registrants will get a case of wine (Half Red/Half White) for their company gathering or party during the reunion. The formula = Company-mates Registered/ Company-mates Graduated 

You will receive a couple of other notices before and on 19 June.  The first will have firmer pricing, we hope a firmer schedule, and an inactive link to the Reunion Website. The second email will be on 19 June when the website goes LIVE with any other instructions you need to maneuver through it.

The information we send you will also be on our Class website, as will other updates between June 19 and our Reunion. If you have any questions just reach out to reach out to the Committee chair, John Cooke ( or 410-570-6366) or Vince Balderrama (, or 315-708-9214.).  They’ll try to answer immediately and include the information or clarification in the next updates.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978