All Americans Page Added to Class History Section

In response to a great suggestion from Jim Rennie (12th Co.), a new page was added to the Class website to document the Class of 78 All Americans. The page was added to Class History section under the Class of 78 Athletics subsection.

The class had nine All Americans:

Fencing – Robert E. Richards, Jr. (35th Co.)

Football – Joseph A. Gattuso, Jr. (35th Co.) and John B. Sturges III (34th Co.)

Lacrosse – Brian J. McCormack (29th Co.)

Pistol – Alan W. Hammond (22nd Co.) and Brent J. Obenour (33rd Co.)

Rifle – James M. Rennie (12th Co.) and Thomas R. Rentz (5th Co.)

Squash – Chester J. Seto (13th Co.)