Son of Jim Fiorelli (2nd Co.) Leads Hornet Flyover at Navy Homecoming

Jim and Jan Fiorelli’s (2nd Co.) son Mike ’13 led a two ship F-18 Hornet Flyover at the Tulsa Navy football game over homecoming weekend, October 8th.  Mike is a flight instructor/RAG LSO with VFA-106 in Oceana.  Mike is a 2013 grad and 0-4 select and will celebrate his 10-year reunion next year when we celebrate our 45th!  

Jim said that it was a real honor for him, and a great blessing for us as his family to celebrate!  Some of the pix include their son Matt, a 2014 West Point grad, Apache pilot, in his second year of grad school at Princeton (where Jim and Jan moved to help with the 4 grandkids 5 and under), on his way to West Point next summer as an American Government prof.  The kids in the picture are 5 year old Emmy and 2 year old Beau.

One view of the flyby – video

Another view of the flyby – video

Mike and his fellow pilots being recognized during the game on the jumbotron – video

Jim and Jan were at the game after being gone for three weeks to see their youngest son, John USNA ’19, and his wife.  John is a Marine infantry company XO at Camp Pendleton.  They were scheduled to depart again the Thursday after the game for a week in Kansas, including four days with the Beverlins, McCormicks and another couple in Newton, Kansas, at the Beverlin home.  

However, when the opportunity for Mike to lead the fly popped up at the last minute they squeezed in another long weekend trip they hadn’t planned. Jim and Jan rented an Airbnb in Riva and had 17 of us staying there; and had 25 who came to the game with us to see the flyby.  The group included Jan’s Mom and sister, best friends from Kansas, Vin and Barb Bellezza (2nd Co.), and a number of others. They hosted a tailgate with about 35 folks and enjoyed the flyover and the game. 

Another highlights of the weekend for the Fiorellis was tailgating with Second Company mates Rock Williams, Mike Malinick, and Vin Bellezza. Mike, Vin, and Jim were plebe year roommates!