Byron Marchant ’78 Departing USNAAAF


Happy New Year!  I hope all had a great holiday, and I wish you all a blessed 2022.

If you have not heard, our classmate, Byron Marchant, will be leaving his position as President and CEO of our Alumni Association and Foundation this Spring.  After 13 years at the helm he has accomplished much including leading a fund-raising campaign that exceeded its goal by 35%.  His many accomplishments will be highlighted soon in a coming edition of Shipmate.

The Called to Serve, Daring to Lead campaign, that Byron led concluded in June 2021, and raised more than $541 million in support of the Naval Academy’s Strategic Plan 2020, a plan developed with the support of Naval Academy leadership and Navy and Marine Corps service leaders.  The impact of the campaign in support of our Navy, Naval Academy, and Alumni Association has been great.  Here are a few examples:

  • 7 fully funded academic Distinguished Visiting Professors/Chair positions
  • 11 privately-funded positions at the Stockdale Center
  • 4 Distinguished Visiting Professors at the Center for Cyber Security Studies
  • $7M+ committed to faculty development
  • 9 key programs supported, including
    • The Center for Academic Excellence
    • Boeing Leadership Innovation Laboratory
    • Center for Experiential Leadership Development
    • STEM Center for Education and Outreach
    • Data Science Chair and Major
    • Accredited Cyber Operations Major
  • Support for 11 Facilities, among them
    • Hopper Hall
    • US Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation Center
    • Naval Academy Golf Course Upgrades
    • Navy and Marine Corps Stadium Upgrades
    • Bishop Stadium Upgrades
    • Halsey Field House Renovation
    • NAPS Athletic Facilities Upgrades
    • Squash Facility Upgrade


  • Alumni membership increased over 10,000
  • The Alumni Mentoring Program grew to over 4,100 participants
  • Served over 6,800 alumni transitions through the Service Academy Career Conference
  • Launched new Alumni Chapters in Spain, Germany, London, South Korea, and Singapore

You can learn much more about the impact of this campaign by reviewing the Campaign Report at this link:

I have also attached the report to this email.

Finally, thank you to all that supported this campaign.  Your gifts have made long lasting, significant improvements to our Academy’s academic, leadership and athletic programs, and to its facilities, as well as, provided support for Alumni programs and a new Alumni Association and Foundation Center currently under construction.  I hope you will take the time to review the Campaign Report.

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978