Youngster Year Photos Uploaded to the Website

The second of our company photos pages, the Youngster Year Company Photos page, has been populated.  The Youngster company photos were scanned from the ’76 Lucky Bag and quite honestly the photos aren’t great. Unlike our plebe year company photos which had individual photos of each class, our Youngster year it a picture of the all three classes together on the front steps of Bancroft Hall.  Some of the pictures are good and some aren’t because of the lighting (or lack of) plus the pictures are spread across two pages.  We apologize to anyone on the edges of the photo or on the fold of the book.

We also scanned over 30 candid photos of classmates that were in the Lucky Bag. Many of the photos are from sports teams including three of Scott Eckert (22nd Co.) on the soccer team and three from the Masqueraders, including three photos of our favorite thespian Marcus Fisk (9th Co.).