We’re 30 days away from finding out which class is the GOAT!


Which class has what it takes to be the GOAT?

Over the past eight years the Challenge has driven support for your class projects, the Naval Academy Fund, and many other key impact areas. Your combined support during All Academy Challenge yielded $10 million from almost 27,000 alumni gifts in that time frame. 

Thank you.

This year will mark a significant change for the Challenge. All the service academies want to build on the excitement and momentum that eight years of the AAC have generated, but each school wants to target their efforts more toward the needs of their respective academy.

We’re continuing the tradition, but changing things up.

In 2022 we’re asking you to continue the tradition of competition to show us which Class really is the Greatest? Rather than compete with our sister academies, this year we will focus on leveraging the great USNA intra-class competition that has evolved each year. Will this be the year that some class can top ’65 in participation? Can ’84 maintain the top spot for total alumni donors? 

We’ll just have to see how it plays out!

Make An Impact.

While the competition is fun, and it’s exciting to see which classes will take the top ranks in the leaderboard year after year, the most important aspect of the Challenge is the fact that you are creating opportunities for today’s midshipmen that they would not otherwise have without private support. International Programs, ECAs, the Midshipman Activities Fund, ELD, etc. all receive funding from donors like you and provide the margin of excellence at the Naval Academy. If your class is actively fundraising for your Class Project, your Challenge gift can also count towards your class goals. 

When over 5,000 alumni, parents and friends come together in such a short time, you make a tremendous impact. Support the Academy during the Challenge and spread the word to show that your class is the GOAT and strengthen the Brigade.