USNA to Welcome Class of 2025 and Families

The U.S. Naval Academy is set to welcome the approximately 1,200 members of the Class of 2025 over two Induction Days (I-Days) on 29 and 30 June. While the prospective midshipmen will make their way through legendary I-Day stations including uniform issue, Reef Points introduction, mandatory inoculations and the shearing of too-long locks, their families will enjoy a Plebe Parent Information Fair sponsored by the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation. The fair features food trucks, live music, photo ops and 15 tents staffed by AA&F personnel and partners, eager to connect parents to programs and services that will support their families during their midshipman’s Naval Academy years and beyond. Parents will also have the opportunity to hear a briefing from the Superintendent, Commandant and other senior Yard personnel. The swearing-in will take place at 1900 on Wednesday, 30 June.