USNA Class of 1978 Bylaws Review


Earlier this year your Class Board formed a committee to review our Class Bylaws. Our Bylaws Committee, consisting of Matthew Elias (11th CO), Chris Dougherty (14th CO), and Larry Galvin (15th CO), has a goal to have their revisions reviewed and their recommended changes submitted to our Class Officers for a vote at our second quarter Class Officers’ meeting on June 2nd. In support of this goal, Ray Kempisty (13th CO), a lawyer with extensive experience reviewing bylaws, has provided support by assisting our committee with formatting and consistency.  Ray is currently working on the bylaws and his recommendations and edits have not yet been incorporated. 

The Committee is now posting their proposed revisions on our class website ( for your review and comments. The bylaws will be available for your review and comments through May 8.  Following this four-week class review and comment period, the committee will review all comments and suggestions before finalizing their recommendations to the Board for their approval.  Final recommendations will be available to the class on the class website and provided to the Class Officers at least two weeks before the June 2nd Class Officers meeting.   

Our current bylaws can be found on the website on the “Bylaws page” under the “Classmates” tab at

The Bylaws Committee’s proposed bylaws revision can be found under the Bylaws on a page titled “Proposed Bylaws Revision” under the “Classmates” tab at

Finally, you can leave comments or questions on the Proposed Bylaws Revision page, and you may also email the committee directly at  

BZ to our Bylaws Community plus Ray Kempisty for their dedication and hard work on our Bylaws revision!

Please take a few minutes to review our bylaws and the committee’s work.

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978