Updated Voting Information

Classmates – there have been emails from a number of you about challenges in getting to the voting site.  It appears that the direct link that I provided in the email announcing that voting was open is problematic.  However, the link from the registration page seems to work very well.

When you are logged into the registration page there is a link directly below your name to click that looks similar to this:

1978 Class Officer Election 2023

Click here

to review the slate and submit your vote.

Deadline is 2359 05 Oct 2023

If you try that and still have a problem, please let us know and we’ll connect you with the site administrator.

If you aren’t sure how to register to vote, it’s a very simple process:

  1. Go to https://www.signupnow.events/Home.aspx   Scroll down to our Class site.
  2. First, set up your registration account by clicking on the green tab “Classmates Register Now”. Once done. Log In.
  3. Login using the e-mail you put in your registration account and your password. 

Note that although you access the voting through the Reunion registration page, it is just the portal that gets you into the system.  It does not commit you to attending the Reunion or to pay for any Reunion activities, if you aren’t planning to attend.

Your vote counts!

Brett Ayotte, Chairman, 2023 Election Committee