Update on USNA All Class Challenge – May 18


John Semcken (2nd Company) has posted the following challenge in support of the Class Challenge to see which class will be the Greatest Class of all Time (GOAT):

“It is nice to see the Class of 78 stepping up to the All Academy Challenge.  It looks like we are in third place in both total donors and percentage of possible donors.  I know that 2nd Company is hard at work trying to get 78 to the first position so as the representative of the Loose Deuce I have been authorized to make this Challenge.  If any company in the class of 78 beats 2nd Company in this year’s class challenge we will add an additional $1,000 to our class gift for the Alumni Center.

Go hard 78!

Always remember “We live in the Land of the Free because we are the Home of the Brave.”

John Semcken”

Thanks, John, for the challenge and thanks to all that have made a gift during this challenge. Currently, ‘78 is in third place with 188 donors, but we will need at least 300 donors to capture first place.  Please join us and go to www.navalacademychallenge.com and give a gift of any amount, say $19.78 for example. Go hard, ‘78, and what says you 13th Company?!

You can designate your gift to whichever cause you choose including towards our 50th class gift for the Alumni Center.

Thank you for your consideration.

Fiar winds,


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978