Ten Videos Added to Interesting and Fun Video Links Page

After seeing a FB post from Randy Masters with a link to the video of “Annapolis: The First Year – U.S. Naval Academy 1976 “(which was great), I found nine other videos worth posting on the website. These videos are both current and historic. All ten links to the videos have been added to the website on the Interesting and Fun Video Links page under the Links section of the website.

Want some Naval Academy history? In addition to the The First Year video you can watch:

1965 – “Ring of Valor” – United States Naval Academy


Several videos were produced around the time of the Naval Academy’s 150th anniversary:

1999 – Discovery Channel – Surviving the 1st Year at US Military Service Academies

1995 – To Lead and To Serve …United States Naval Academy

1995 – History Channel – USNA 150 Years

More current, you can see how the rooms and the uniforms have changed and the rank structure hasn’t. You can also see how the Academy is pitched to young teens and a short video of the making of Showtime Game of Honor series on the 2011 Army – Navy game:

2020 – JC’s Offical Naval Academy Room Tour

2020 – What does a Naval Academy Midshipman Wear? | Uniforms

2020 – Rank Structure of the Naval Academy | Structure

2019 – Teen News – What is it Like to Attend the United States Naval Academy?

2011 – SHOWTIME – Prelude: The Making of A Game of Honor – Full Episode – Army Navy Football