Plebe Summer is over and class is in session!


The Class of ’24 is sitting down for their first day of instruction after a unique Plebe Summer and in less than four years they will be entering the fleet and Marine Corps as our next generation of leaders. While this first day likely looks pretty different from what you experienced, the education and experience the Brigade receives while at the Academy ensures the moral, mental and physical preparation of successful junior officers.

Your support for the Naval Academy affords the Superintendent the resources necessary to go above and beyond what the government appropriates to ensure the Naval Academy education is the best it can be.

If you’re missing the Yard today, you have an opportunity to carry around a piece of the Yard through a Chapel Dome heirloom. We’ll be selecting a winner who donates each day of the Challenge. Congratulations to yesterday’s winner CDR Colleen McFeely Shook, Class of 1990. 

Thanks for your support and GO NAVY!Make a gift!

PS. The Class of 1978 has officially jumped to the top of the leaderboard and Coast Guard is catching up to us in the competition; let’s work to make sure we don’t drop to fourth!