Navy Football Season Tickets & Class of ’78 Tailgate Spot


It is time for you Navy football season ticket holders to renew your season tickets and to consider if you want to join the Class of ‘78 tailgate. Every year the Class renews our usual tailgate spot on the Gold side of Navy Marine Corps stadium, and I am now working to submit the list of tailgaters to Navy Athletics.  You must be on my list to get parking in the Class perimeter tailgate area.  If you are not already on my list and want to be on the list, please send me an email requesting to be added (

If you are considering buying Navy football season tickets, call Navy Athletics (NAAA) at 1-800-US4-NAVY (800-874-6289) and tell them you want tickets close to the Class of ‘78 seating area on the Gold side, and you want to buy perimeter tailgate parking.  Then send me a note that you want tailgate parking with the class.

Here is the gouge on tailgate parking:

  1. Perimeter Tailgate Members MUST be season ticket holders and members of the Blue-N*-Gold.
  1. The price for a Perimeter Parking Pass is $150. (5 games)
  1. You can purchase one parking pass for every pair of season tickets you have. 2 season tickets = 1 pass, 4 season tickets = 2 season parking passes, etc.
  1. If you are a Vice Admiral’s Row or Admirals Row Member, you can elect to forego your reserved Admiral’s Row Parking in exchange for a Perimeter Parking pass. If you want to swap your Admiral’s Row parking out for a perimeter parking pass, please contact the Blue-N*-Gold Office at 410-293-8708.

Finally, a note from our classmate, Chet Seto, about the Admiral’s Row parking/donation. Did you know that you can direct your donations for Vice Admiral or Admiral row parking to a specific USNA group or program?  Chet is the chair of Friends of Navy Squash, and Chet requests you consider directing your donations to the Navy Squash program.  Otherwise, the funds will go into a General Fund and will be used as the Athletic Department determines.  NAAA only provides sufficient funding to pay for the squash coaches’ salaries and some travel expenses.  Our Halsey squash courts were recently upgraded to include a state-of-the-art exhibition doubles court, along with five singles courts.   We now have live streaming capabilities and real-time online scoring, all of which comes with a cost.  The funds from parking would go a long way to cover these additional costs. Thanks for your consideration.

Hope to see you at a game.  Beat Army!

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978