Naval Academy Fall 2019 Class Reunion Schedule

We look forward to welcoming the following class reunions this fall!

31 August—2 September (Holy Cross Game)
2009 10th 
12—14 September (East Carolina Game)
1979 40th 
3—6 October (Air Force Game)
1964 55th 
1974 45th 
2004 15th 
2014 5th 
17—19 October (University of South Florida Game)
1999 20th 
24—27 October (Homecoming and Tulane University Game)
1969 50th 
1984 35th 
1989 30th 
1994 25th

Scuttlebutt abounds on the whereabouts of the great Class of 1949. It is after all their 70th year since graduation, and rumor has it that there is top secret reunion planning underway for a date sometime this fall. Considering they are members of the Greatest Generation it would be futile to predict their course; their stealth remains unparalleled, but whenever and wherever they turn up, we will be both honored and delighted to have them!