FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2021 11:06 AM

Approximately 1,100 midshipmen in the Class of 2022 received their service assignments yesterday in Bancroft Hall at the Naval Academy.

Midshipmen may select from 24 different career choices in the Navy and Marine Corps and submit their service assignment preferences (up to six) in late August of their 1st Class (senior) year.

Assignments are based on specific requirements provided to the Naval Academy by Department of the Navy leadership and consider both a midshipman’s aptitude and preference for a particular assignment. The Naval Academy endeavors to match personal preferences with aptitude and ability, placing midshipmen in the community best suited to their strengths so as to set them up for successful careers of naval service. Roughly 95% percent of 1st Class midshipmen (seniors) in the Class of 2022 received their first or second assignment preference. Midshipmen who will commission as Surface Warfare Officers will select their first ships in the academy’s annual Ship Selection Night typically held in January.

The culmination of four years of challenging study and training as a Naval Academy midshipman is graduation and commissioning as a Navy or Marine Corps officer. Throughout their four years at the academy, midshipmen are exposed to the various career paths offered in the Navy and Marine Corps.

The Class of 2022 service assignment breakdown:

CommunityAssigned as of 18 Nov. 2021
SWO (Surface Warfare Officer)278
Navy Pilot250
Navy NFO (Naval Flight Officer)60
SEAL (Sea, Air, Land)35
EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)16
CW (Cryptologic Warfare)16
Medical Corps8
CEC (Civil Engineering Corps)2
IP (Information Professional)7
Supply Corps3
CWE (Cyber Warfare Engineer)2
AMDO (Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer)Navy Total1829
USMC Ground197
USMC Pilot75
USMC Cyber7
USMC Total279

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