Lands’ End Business Sale – Free ’78 Logos and Free Shipping


Lands’ End Business is having a sale offering free “logos” and free shipping. The sale ends tomorrow, June 16, so hurry. You can order merchandize and have embroidered either the ’78 Class Crest or an N Star with 1978 below it. Here is how you do it:

1. Go to our Class website,

2. On the menu bar at the top of the website landing page, click on “Links” 

3. In the drop down menu, click on “Class of 1978”

4. On the next page, look under “Class/ USNA Gear.” The first two links are to the Class Crest logo and to the N Star logo. Click on the link for the logo you want.

5. You should now be on the Lands’ End Business page for the USNA Class of 78

6. At the top, center of the page you will see the links “MEN  WOMEN  PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS.” Click on the link you want. 

7. Follow instructions on selecting the product and where to place your logo. 

8. When you check out use code EFLFS to get the free logo and free shipping. If a promotional discount was already given, delete it and then enter the code above to get the best pricing.

Let me know if you have difficulties. Glad to talk anyone through the process.

See you all soon a the 45th Reunion!

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978