June 7, 1978 Annapolis Gazette added to Website

Compliments of Joe Stanik (23rd Co.), the June 7, 1978 edition of the Capital Gazette was added to our website in the June Week section. Not only does it include the news of our graduation, but at Joe’s urging the entire edition (all 33 pages) were uploaded to provide a time capsule to Annapolis in June 1978.

From our graduation, the Gazette has the following stories:

  • On page 1 and continued on page 8, a story about Jimmy Carter being the first grad to return as President as well as a summary of his major Soviet foreign policy speech.
  • On page 23, a story about our top three grads, Jonathan Will (8th Co.), Jim Butler (23rd Co.) and Steve Petri (10th Co.).
  • Also on page 23, a story about the local grads:
    • Sid Abernethy (19th Co,) Annapolis
    • Darrel Cofsky (17th Co.), Annapolis
    • Roy Cranford (31st Co.), Annapolis
    • Craig Diffie (10th Co.), Millersville
    • Mark Ferguson (7th Co.), Glen Burnie
    • Mike Gurny (12th Co.), Linthicum
    • Scott Hoffman (36th Co.), Annapolis
    • Mike Kalnoske (32nd Co.), Annapolis
    • Ray Kwong (32nd Co.), Odenton
    • Joe Leidig (14th Co.), Pasadena
    • Carl Lindstrand (24th Co.), Severna Park
    • Guido Manzo, (15th Co.), Odenton
    • Ray Miskowski (15th Co.), Severna Park
    • Terry O’Brien (10th Co.), Crofton
    • JD Oliver (32nd Co.), Annapolis
    • Richard Paulsen (30th Co.), Annapolis
    • Robert Richards (28th Co.), Friendship
    • Enrique Rodriguez (14th Co.), Crofton
    • Jim Small (17th Co.), Edgewater
    • Brad Thomann (30th), Annapolis
  • Finally, on page 28 is a great story about the father of Mike Kalnoske’s (32nd Co.), Bernard Kalnoske, the Annapolis Chief of Police, who for the first time in 25 years would be purely a spectator for the Academy graduation in order to watch his son graduate and be commissioned.