Final Update for the All Academy Challenge


Thank you to all that have participated in this year’s All Academy Challenge. ’78 has stepped up big time; however, as of 1520 CST today we are in second place with 300 participants. ’84 has 312 and ’65 is in third place with 251.  If you have not participated yet, join us by going to and making a gift.  We recommend $7.80 or $19.78 or any number that you prefer.  Remember, this is not about how much we give, but how many alumni give. Please join us. We have until midnight tonight to make a gift.

As for the Company competition, I will get a list of ’78 participants tomorrow and then look up everyone’s company.  I will give you the final numbers and the Company winner when I complete my homework.  

Hey, you 4th Company guys.  Remember, John Young said he will match your donation up to $500.  Go for it!

Finally, USNA has done well this year.  Last year we had about 4,000 alumni participate, but this year as of a few minutes ago USNA has 5,493 participants.  I am not sure if that is enough to win the Challenge but I can’t help but think ’78 has help push these numbers higher.  BZ!

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978