Correction to My Email Concerning the Midshipmen Summer Training Program


After I sent out the report on the USNA Summer Training Program in July, one of our Class Officers provided me with the latest USNA Instruction on the Midshipmen Summer Training Program. There is a major change to the order of the summer training that I got wrong, and I want to update you with the correct information. The updated instruction USNAINST 1530.1G dated 20 MAR 2023 is attached if you want to review it.

Please note that the 3/C and 2/C cruises we experienced have been switched to match those now experienced by NROTC midshipmen who must choose to stay or get out of NROTC after only one (1) year of school. So, what we call PROTRAMID (Professional Training of Midshipmen) where Midshipmen spend approximately one week with each warfare community, Aviation, Surface Warfare, Submarines, & Marine Corps, is now conducted following Plebe year when the Mids are Youngsters.

Following 3/C year, as new 2/C, Midshipmen cruise onboard a surface ship or submarine to provide a snapshot of “a day in the life” of Fleet enlisted personnel.

The 1/C warfare cruise is where Midshipmen shadow junior officers providing hands on opportunities to execute division officer duties and interact with a Wardroon and a Chiefs’ Mess. Warfare cruise options are surface, submarine, aviation, and Cyber and Intelligence. For Mids desiring Special Warfare, they must complete an EOD or SPECWAR cruise. Likewise, Mids desiring to be assigned as a Marine must attend Leatherneck.

In addition to the summer cruises, all 3/C, 2/C, and 1/C Midshipmen must complete a Professional Training Event (PTE). Examples of PTEs include Plebe or NAPS Detail, Powered Flight Training, Small Craft Training (Sailing & YPs), Enhanced Submarine training, Mandatory Summer School, Academic Internships, Fleet Schools (Dive School, Airborne, Marine Combat Instructor, Water Survival, MAGTF, and many others…).

Overall, the midshipmen Summer Training Program today is MUCH more complex than back in our day. See the attached instruction for a complete description of the USNA Midshipmen Summer Training Program.

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978