Class of ’78 40th Reunion Prayer Breakfast – SOLD OUT

The organizers of the Class of ’78 40th Reunion Prayer Breakfast need to announce that the event is now SOLD OUT (although we want to assure you that everyone who has purchased a ticket will get a seat).  We would also like to encourage those of you who have not yet signed-up but still might wish to attend to check-in with the organizers that Saturday morning — as there may be “no-shows” to the event, as well as a small amount of overflow seating and perhaps even some free (with no breakfast) “standing room only” space in the back of the room where people can listen to the speakers, etc. (all of which will be determined that morning).  If you are unable to attend the breakfast for any reason and have a specific need that you wish for members of the class to pray for, there will be Prayer Cards available (and these can be either be left anonymous and/or marked “sensitive”).  Thank you.