Class 2020 Cruise Update


Here is a short update on our class cruise scheduled for March 1-8, 2020.

We have 31 couples booked (listed below). These bookings are currently being re-fared to lower mariner rates due to a recent promotion for which we were eligible. These re-fared bookings will be done in a couple of days, and you will be sent a new confirmation once they are completed. 

For those that are still interested in cruising with the Class but have not yet booked, the best current promotion may be the “Save On Sunshine” promotion.  It is the best current public rate.  It has a non-refundable deposit and the promotion ends 9/30/19. Here are some details, but I recommend you call our cruise consultant to find what best suits you (see below).

Interiors start at $710.00 per person including taxes, fees and port expenses

Ocean View start at $806.00 per person including taxes, fees and port expenses

Verandah start at $958.00 per person including taxes, fees and port expenses

Vista Suites start at $1552.00 per person including taxes, fees and port expenses 

Mariner members may be eligible for a better rate than that, so I recommend you call our cruise consultant, Ian Phares, to find out.

Contact info for our cruise consultant:


Personal Cruise Consultant

800-355-3017 ext. 29322

Below is a list of currently booked Guests.

BAKER           M  MRS  B  J  6091  CRDVHC

BILLY           G  MR   B  J  7127  CRDVWT

BURKE           W  MR   B  VD 7148  CRDG2G

BUTLER          J  MR   B  VF 8009  CRDTXR

DUNKIN          W  MR   B  VD 7141  CRDT2V

EWIN            J  MR   B  A  6126  CRDT5W

FANELLI         D  MR   B  VS 6231  CRDT7T

FIORELLI        J  MR   B  E  4039  CRDT9K

FLYNN           T  MRS  B  A  6122  CRDT9G

GARD            L  MR   B  A  6118  CRDTDN

HAAR            K  MRS  B  VS 8201  CK6RVQ

HESSION         W  MR   B  VA 7132  CRDTMK

HUESEMAN        N  MRS  B  VD 6176  CRDTMN

KRAMER          W  MR   B  VD 6180  CKXGCN

LANGDON         M  MRS  B  E  4040  CRDTGP

LEIDIG          M  MRS  B  A  6124  CRDTGG

LIPPARD         J  MR   B  VD 7146  CRDTVP

MCENTEE         K  MRS  G  SY       CRDTVC

MCLEOD          T  MR   B  J  6101  CRDTHW

MURPHY          T  MR   B  V  7134  CRDTHM

NORTON          M  MR   G  VD       CRDTWT

PRINCE          L  MR   B  VS 6233  CRMJCQ

RAY             D  MR   B  J  5144  CRMJXL

RUDZIS          J  MR   G  E        CRMJXT

SALES           L  MRS  B  E  4038  CRMJ2V

TAGESON         K  MR   B  VD 7052  CRMJ3V

WEBSTER         F  MR   B  V  6128  CRMJ4K

WEIDNER         J  MR   B  A  6114  CRMJ4X

WENDT           C  MR   B  A  6120  CRMJ5W

WOODS           G  MR   B  VD 7150  CRMJ5N

YURINA          J  MRS  B  A  6108  CRMJ5X 

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978