Chapel Dome Heirlooms update


I have an update for you concerning the Naval Academy Chapel Dome heirloom project, particularly concerning the REDUCED PRICE for the customized Challenge Coin with our Class Crest.  Read on…

For those that might not be aware, the Naval Academy Chapel dome is being restored by removing and replacing all the copper that has adorned the building since 1928.  Rather than see this metal and all the memories associated with it go to waste the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association has partnered with Herff-Jones to create a limited number of unique heirlooms crafted from the beautiful, patina-copper of the dome.

There will be six customized items with our Class Crest that you can purchase.  Currently, only the Challenge Coin with our Crest is available to purchase.  IMPORTANT: The customized Challenge Coins usually cost $134.99, BUT now through June 19 we can purchase them for $99.99.  So, if you want one, follow the instructions below and order today.  If you already purchased a Challenge Coin at the higher price, check your email and look for an email from Herff-Jones who will reimburse you the difference.

Go to the website Click on “Shop Now”, “Custom Orders”, and then click the “Class of ‘78” under filters (top left corner of the Custom page).  Click “View Item” and follow purchase instructions.  Currently only the Challenge Coin with our Class Crest is available to purchase.  However, there will be five other items with our Class Crest coming very soon – pendant necklace, paperweight, brick, framed artwork of the chapel (3 different frames), and ornaments.  Herff-Jones is working on the artwork for the additional items, but I have attached a brochure that will give you an idea of what the items will look like.  I will let you know as soon as these items are available.

Fair winds…

Glen Woods
President, USNA, Class of 1978