Best Challenge Yet, Navy! Thank You!



Thanks to your participation in the All Academy Challenge this year, we were able to raise $1,050,370 from an incredible 3,846 donors in just five days. We are so grateful for your support!

In this year’s Challenge:

– We received a gift from someone in every state

-The Class of 1965 finished first for the fifth year in a row and classes ’79, ’67, ’89, and ’78 rounded out the top five

Your support allows us to provide the margin of excellence that strengthens the Naval Academy.

In its last fiscal year, the Foundation raised almost $69 million to support a wide range of Naval Academy priorities. Our unrestricted fund has provided the Naval Academy Superintendent more than $1 million per year to address emerging needs and fund special projects and the Naval Academy Alumni Association with more than $2 million per year to augment alumni network programs and services. Funds to the Naval Academy have: created opportunities for study abroad, supported the Center for Academic Excellence, which had 45,000 visits last year, invested in the Stockdale Center personnel and programs, and provided assistance for 33 varsity and 16 club sports. You make this possible. 

If you haven’t made a gift yet in 2019, please consider donating to support the Brigade.

Last but not least, as a thank you for helping us surpass last year we want to award the last set of tickets to the Army/Navy game. An alum from the ’60’s was chosen out of all of our donors, congratulations!