The butter bars have been ordered for the Class of 2021 while the Class of 1971 is busy readying their bar distributors! We suspect they are also secretly consulting the most highly skilled milliner on the continent. They, after all, remain a model of excellence, and there is no doubt in our minds that ’71 will not allow themselves to be outdone by the gents of ’63, who to date, still hold the record for best hats worn to graduation.

The Class of 1973 is working diligently to collect ring donations for the upcoming 50-year Another Link in the Chain Bonds of Gold ceremony for the Class of 2023.

The Bonds of Gold ceremony will be a socially distanced affair on 26 April 2021. Rumor has it that the Class of 2023, while humbled by the athletic excellence exhibited by the Superintendent and Commandant on their behalf, has a desire to make the climb in person and thus truly be “Plebes No More.” If circumstances allow for a climb, ’73 will be present either in person or in spirit to cheer them on!
The Class of 1974 continues to root for the Class of 2024 as they make their way through plebe year. Their honor coins have been distributed and ’74 hopes to be on hand to congratulate them on completion of Sea Trials and cheer them on as they climb Herndon. Fingers crossed!

The Class of 1975 is on deck to welcome the Class of 2025. The details of I-Day are still being worked out, but ’75 is at the ready to support!

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