A New Tradition Returns: Week of Gratitude 2021

Happy New Year, Alumni, Parents and Friends:

Around this time in 2020, we kicked off the Week of Gratitude, a new tradition meant to showcase how thankful we at the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation were for the extraordinary support our donors and volunteers provided throughout the prior year. We had so much fun as a team, speaking with thousands of individuals who played such a critical role in supporting our mission. We knew we had to do it again in 2021.
Little did we know just how grateful we would be.In a year where virtually nothing turned out the way any of us expected …In a year where Academy faculty, staff and midshipmen put their vital training in problem-solving and adaptability to the test …In a year where there were all too few certainties on which we could rely …We could rely on you.
So throughout this week, look for our messages of thanks across our social media channels, pick up the phone if we call and please don’t be shy about sharing your own thoughts about why you give back and why you’re grateful for your Naval Academy connection. You can explore other alumni and friends’ messages at www.usna.com/week-of-gratitude.And we’re not the only ones who are grateful. Bill is a goat of few words, but he has a special message for you.#GoNavyThankEveryone!