A Little Reorganization for the Website

There are two significant changes and one smaller change to the organization of the website that we wanted to point out to anyone just visiting the website for the first time or someone who is a regular visitor:

  • First, probably most noticeable is a new heading on the address bar, June Week. Over the past month or two we have received some great June Week memorabilia. First, Joe Stanik (23rd Co.) provided a treasure trove of June Week electronic items for the website including President Carter’s speech and the June 7, 1978 issue of the Annapolis Gazette. Receiving those led to the creation of a June Week section under the Class History section. Since then, we have tracked down the Prizes and Awards Ceremony program that lists just that, the June Week Prizes and Awards. As we looked at the June Week data we had collected and what that week meant to so many of us, it just seemed to dictate its own section on the address bar.
  • Additionally, not as noticeable until you get into the different sections of the address bar is that we have moved Company Photos from Class History to the Photos section. As we looked at the Class History it just seemed like Company Photos belonged in the Photo section. The move made sense and after we made the move it just looked right.
  • Finally, because there is only so much room on the address bar we created a new section called Programs and moved Porter and Another Link in The Chain under it.

As always, we welcome your thoughts on these moves and any other suggestions, criticisms and corrections for anything on or having to do with the website.