40th Reunion is still on!


We have had a few inquiries about whether or not the Reunion will be canceled due to Hurricane Flo.  I spoke with Navy’s Athletic Director, Chet Gladchuk, this morning, and he said he had no intentions of canceling the game.  Cancellation would only occur if the City of Annapolis was shutdown which at this time does not look likely.  Vince also spoke with the Superintendent’s Chief of Staff and as of this morning only the Friday Parade has been canceled.  The Yard is operating and planning to be open.  Depending on any flooding in the Yard and Annapolis, entry at Gates 1 (Main Gate) and Gate 8 (“back gate”) may be limited or prohibited but Gate 3 (by the Chapel) would be open to accommodate traffic.  Current forecast for Annapolis shows we will experience rain and winds of about 15-20 knots.  Your Reunion Committee will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as we can; however, we expect to conduct the reunio n as planned.   Fortunately, almost all our event venues are indoors or sheltered.

We recognize that some of you may be negatively impacted and unable to make the trip due to flight cancellations or other more serious issues.  If that happens we will do our very best to be fair to all involved when considering refunds; however, we must still meet our contractual agreements and according to our current policy we may not be able to refund the registration fee. We won’t be able to fully understand the situation until after the reunion and all the various scenarios play out, but we will do our best to be fair to all and make refunds to those of you that are severely impacted due to Hurricane Flo.

We hope you all continue to plan to join us in Annapolis.  When you do, amend the uniform of the day to “carry rain gear” (…and, yes, wear it without further direction!).  We wish safe travel to all and safekeeping for those of you in the hurricane’s direct path.

Please refer to our class website for further updates at www.usna1978.org.  See you soon.

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978