2020 All Academy Challenge


The 2020 All Academy Challenge (AAC) has started and will be run through Thursday, 20 August. Originally scheduled for May 2020, the AAC was postponed as the Service Academies focused their efforts on responding to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Remember, the All Academy Challenge is a friendly contest between graduates of five service academies—United States Naval Academy, United States Military Academy, United States Air Force Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy and United States Merchant Marine Academy—to see who can attract gifts from the largest percentage of their alumni community.  The Academy with the highest percentage of alumni participation wins. So, if you are able and want to make a gift, it is not the size of the donation that counts; $5 or $5,000 will count the same.  Also, all gifts to the Naval Academy Foundation are tax-deductible.  Here is the link to make your gift.

Each year, the All Academy Challenge is a great opportunity to remind our alumni community that their gifts directly impact the midshipman experience, today’s Naval Academy, and the future of the Fleet.  While the federal government provides the funds to support the Academy’s general operations, a wide variety of essential programs and initiatives would not be able to reach their potential without the support of alumni, parents and other friends of the Academy–including:

  • international programs
  • admissions outreach
  • athletic excellence
  • Center for Cyber Security Studies
  • and many more areas of impact

I hope you will consider joining the nearly 1,000 alumni that have already joined the 2020 All Academy challenge by making your gift here.

BTW, when I checked the leader board this morning ’78 was in second place. Go hard ’78!

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978