1940 Naval Air Recruiting Film ‘Eyes of the Navy’ Added to Interesting and Fun Links Page

The 1940 Naval Air Recruiting Film ‘Eyes of the Navy‘ was added to the Interesting and Fun Links Page. This 20 minutes recruiting film was produced by Warner Bros. in cooperation with the United States Navy in 1940 and portrays the exciting life of young aviators. The film features basic naval aviator training in Pensacola, Florida and advanced training at Naval Air Station San Diego, California. Various phases of instruction are shown, from classroom work and ground school, to instrument training in a Link trainer, solo flight and carrier landings and take-offs from USS Enterprise (CV-6). Some other highlights include machine gun practice and skeet shooting, fixed gunnery practice, bombing and dive bombing practice, and simulated air-to-air combat. The film features a bevy of pre-WWII aircraft including the venerable the Vought Corsair biplane, TBD-1 Devastator torpedo plane, and Catalina PBY Flying Boat.