Gouge about Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) and Call for Volunteers

Dear Classmates,

Apologies for this long delayed blast email, but your Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) gang has hit the ground running- executing while planning. This email is to inform you about the program, our roles and commitments as a class to our 2028 Linked Class, and to solicit more volunteers to help us execute.

As many of you know, we are now senior enough to be Another Link in the Chain. It is our time to begin to form bonds with 2028; to provide them with mentoring and sponsorship and the wisdom of our experiences, perspectives; offer our life examples of honor, courage, commitment, integrity, resiliency and service.

Over the next four years we have some specific events that provide us opportunities to engage with 2028 and their families. Attached is the specific list and descriptions of the events, our Class roles and responsibilities and opportunities for your volunteerism and participation. (It will also be posted on the Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) Tab on our Class website.)

As you can see from the list, our program has already started. The prospective Class of 2028 is getting their offers of appointment and Alumni Chapters and Parents Clubs will hold events to celebrate and “sendoff” those who accept appointments. On June 27th, the Class of 2028 will have their I-day. 

This email is to solicit interest and volunteers for those first three events, the “sendoff,” I-Day and Honor Coin Ceremony. Please let Vince or Bob know if you can support and volunteer. Here are the particulars:

  • Alumni and Parent Club Sendoff and Welcome Aboard Events. (Various dates). We have reached out to Chapters and Parents Club to obtain their plans for these events. Most are occurring within the first two weeks of June. Our role is to make a short presentation (about 5 minutes) on our Link in the Chain Program, pass out some class information and mix with the prospective Class of 2028 and their families. 

Also attached is an excel spreadsheet showing Chapter and Parent Club responses of their events. Some class volunteers have already been listed in the spreadsheet. 

  • Need a volunteer at each chapter/parent club that has a scheduled event to take the lead in coordinating with the Chapter or Club and make the presentation. Other classmates are needed to attend, support the Class lead, help pass out information and mingle with 2028.
    • If you already have been approached by your local Alumni Chapter or Parents Club and agreed to be our ALITC POC, please let Vince and Bob know. We will continue coordination with you.
    • If you are a member of a Chapter or Parent Club not listed in the spreadsheet, please help “ping them” about any scheduled events and ask them to contact Vince Balderrama and Bob Novak.
    • Your ALITC Committee is finalizing presentation slides, handouts and other collateral for volunteers to use (name tag and business card layouts for you to print.). We will conduct Zoom call training in May, well before the events. 
  • I- Day and Swearing In Ceremony. 27 June 2024 (All day). Hospital Point and T-Court.
  • Need up to 30 volunteers to set up display tables, provides some Class of ’78 mementos to display, man the tables, pass out info and interact with parents. Seating will also be available for volunteers and some others to attend the Swearing In Ceremony. 
  • Honor Coin Ceremony. 15 July 2024. 1900-2100 in Alumni Hall.
    • Need up to 20 Volunteers to pass out Honor Challenge coins. 

Lastly, attached is a list of links that describe some of the events of which you may not be familiar (like the Plebe Sea Trials) and the Superintendent’s Instruction that formalizes the Another Link in the Chain Program. These will also be posted on the ALITC Tab on our website.

We have established a separate e-mail address for our Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) correspondence. It is ALITC78@yahoo.com. You can still email us on our personal emails listed below.

More to follow.

Vince – with Bob- Launchin’ Spot Four.

Vince Balderrama (ALITC Chair, v19b78@yahoo.com)    Bob Novak (Class of ’78 Board Member, ALITC Deputy, bnovak3478@gmail.com)

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