Kevin Lynch – President

To my Classmates:

Many classmates have asked why I am running for the office of President of the Class of ’78. My answer has been clothed in the belief that we are a unique and special class of the Naval Academy. Other classes would espouse such rhetoric, but “our” successes in the Navy, Marine Corps and industry would prove otherwise. For me, what differentiates our class is our personality. We are a tight-knit group that has always stuck together from plebe year, through graduation, to our special tailgate spot at the NMC Stadium, and reflected through our years of mutual support to classmates and the academy.

My great friend Ken “Waldo” Waldie set that personality in stone, and ensured it’s continuity as he passed the torch to (an even greater friend) Stephen “Jock” Maloney, who passed it on to our beloved Arch Griffin. Each one of these gentlemen were inclusive, team players, who had a vision of our class’s personality and were hell bent on preserving it.

Over the past 15 years, we have evolved from raising families, seeing our children off, and working our jobs until retirement. Going forward we will have a chance to contribute even more to our classmates and the Academy. More importantly, we will be asked to define and articulate our legacy; who were are as a class, how we will be remembered, and how we will ensure our place in the history of the Naval Academy.

I believe  that we are entering  an important part of our lives relative to establishing that legacy. I truly believe that  our mark in the history of this venerable institution will NOT be our class logo on a gate, or a bench, or a cannon in the yard. Our legacy will be through gifts that have a life of their own and positively impact other lives that will proliferate the story of who we were and what made us special.

Raising money for the sake of raising money is not who we are, nor do I believe that my classmates cherish material objects as memories. We need to establish not only how we raise funds but for “what” these funds will be  used for in putting the Class of 1978 in the best light.

We can rightfully beat our chests as we articulate how many Admirals, Generals and captain’s of industry we have produced, but when we get to expounding on how we have made midshipmen’s lives better…..well…..that’s a story whose only response is ROGER-OUT.

The ‘Link in the Chain” is an immediate opportunity to engrain in the Class of 2028 who we are and be a role model in their pursuit of excellence

I believe we have been stuck in neutral and have let others define who we are rather than taking control of our own legacy. I intend to work with the Foundation, Athletic Association and Alumni Association to insure our goals align with theirs. We ARE the Class of 1978 and we should be remembered long after two or more are gathered.

I ask you to join me in this final chapter of our history and vote for me for President of the Great Class of 1978

Kevin “Grinch” Lynch  USNA ’78