Steven Champion (36th Co.) added to Memorial Page

It was recently learned that Steven Champion, a non-grad from 36th Co., passed away February 1, 2019. In trying to track down lost company mates, Jim Gafford (36th Co.) reached Steven’s sister Dr. Carol (Champion) Clarke of Waitsburg, Washington, a retired school superintendent and widow of a USAFA ’72 grad, who provided the following on Steven:

“…I’m not sure what you would like to know about Steve. Our father was on active duty with the US Navy when he was fatally burned in an aircraft accident at then Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego, CA. Steve was the only child at home as our older brother, Ken, and I were at Southern Illinois University. Steve’s decision to leave Annapolis was based on two things – he wanted to enter the ministry and he acknowledged he was gay. He returned to our mother’s home in Memphis and began his ministerial studies – which he never completed. To support his university attendance he began working for a travel agency. Eventually, he opened his own international travel agency in Washington, D.C. Eventually, he moved the business to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was a very successful business until the 2008 recession. He continued to work in the travel industry until his death in 2019.” 

Steven has been added to our Memorial page.