New Year, Long Underwear & Ukraine: SITREP Dennis (Samurai OTOSHI-SAMA)

’78 Brothers,

Sorry for the lack of Dennis updates.  Like many of you, the Baur family has been dealing with parent surgery (88 year old hip replacement) and numerous parent health care issues, and now Winter Crates for Ukraine has started up, (more on that in a few days).

In other words, “No Excuse, Sir.”

Soon, I will have directions on how we can give to two different charities that give real support to Ukraine.  No emails on this now please, (my hair is still on fire), and I will try to get the plan out soon.  My goal is that we support Ukraine’s care and comfort, honor our Sand Blower hero Dennis, and also, to do it through an accountable, tax deductible organization.

Please continue to allow me to consolidate emails together, so Dennis can reply all and keep his focus on saving lives.  Send encouragement to Dennis through me at

Before I turn this over to Dennis, here is the award recently given to our friend by Ukraine.

The scroll below the red cross says, “VIS HUMANITATIS.”


Greg Baur-33rd Company Sherpa


… I pray that you are able to stay warm and that all you see is the backs of Russians running away.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and Semper Fidelis,


—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Dennis Otoshi

Sent: Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 11:59:40 PM EST

Subject: Happy New Year

“Hi Greg,

Quick update on the cold and the mud in Ukraine. I have needed to wear my facial mask and hood because of the sub-zero temperatures. This has given me a certain ninja look, so I try to avoid wearing dark colors.

When I first came to Ukraine in March 2022, the grandmothers on the train asked me if I was Jackie Chan, the martial arts actor. During the summer, a taxi driver told me that I looked like him. Yesterday, the clerk at the supermarket asked me if I was Jackie Chan.

My Ukrainian colleagues have been asking me to adopt a “callsign”. They have been calling me Dennis, but now they call me “Jackie Chan”. Here is a side to side comparison. I think the resemblance is all in the glasses.

Happy New Year!

Jackie Chan”