Remembrance of Al Frisch (35th Co.) added to Memorials Page

At the urging of his 35th Company company mates, Marty Thamm wrote a remembrance of our classmate Al Frisch who was lost to cancer Second Class Year. Marty found it to be an interesting project and said it wouldn’t have happened without Richard Jesmonth’s urging, Bob Vogt’s guidance, and assistance from the USNA Alumni Association and the USNA Memorial Affairs Director. With a little serendipity, he was also able to reach and speak with Al’s remaining sibling who was touched Al was being remembered by our class. He said that alone made the effort worthwhile.

This effort is a great effort to remember a classmate who does not have an obituary or remembrance on the Memorials page. It is hoped that all companies will take on the task of remembering all those on our wall.