Don Schneider (18th Co.) needs your prayers!

From Vince Balderrama on Facebook: Don Schneider’s daughter, Ruby, is asking for help with prayers for him as he goes through his most recent renal issues. Don’s a tough cookie but can always use some help. ’78’s prayers have a way of helping to ease things and in some instances, work miracles, so please start working that magic. Hang in there, Don.

Ruby Asper is with Don Schneider.

✨PRAYER ANGELS NEEDED✨As many of you know, my dad has stage 4 renal failure and under went a kidney transplant back in may. For the past 2 weeks he hasn’t been feeling well, he let it go the first week (he’s stubborn 😒) but over the past week things got really bad. He went to The emergency room yesterday morning, where they consulted with his transplant team out in Pittsburg… after a bunch of tests they found that there is an infection in the new kidney. He is being transported to Pittsburg today, the plan and duration of his stay out there has yet to be determined but for now they are pumping antibiotics orally and through an iv. Please start a prayer chain for my dad. He truly is the rock in our family and the uncertainty of this whole situation is absolutely terrifying 🥺🤍 All prayers are welcome and truly appreciated, we love you Dad, and we will get through this